DE4-PosterDE4 1TH – You have reached your destination

A gang of criminals break their leader out of an armed hospital. Arriving at a mysterious woodland hideout they find there get-away money missing. And an old Lady and Granddaughter whom they take hostage. But one by one the criminals are hunted and disappear in the woods. DE4 1TH’ is a slasher-horror film with an original spin on the conventions of the genre. Written by Matthew J Gunn and Dev Shanmugam








Break-In-new2BREAK IN – Beaten, maimed and humiliated. Why?

Crime author Matt Ryan moves with his family into a countryside fishing village where retired underworld figure Mr Burton now lives. Attempting to write a true-life account of the enigmatic Burton’s life of crime Matt is continually refused interviews for his book. Living in a converted farmhouse the Ryan family home is broken into by masked intruders; possessions are taken (including Matt’s work), his wife is stripped naked and humiliated, his two young children are psychological scarred and Matt himself is beaten bloody and maimed (the fingers to his typing hand are sliced off, leaving him disfigured). Written by Matthew J Gunn